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In Good Voice provides assessment, therapy, coaching and education to ensure that you are using your voice safely, effectively and efficiently.   No matter whether you are a professional singer, teacher , presenter or are simply dissatisfied with the way your voice is working,  In Good Voice can teach you tips and strategies to help enhance your vocal performance and keep you In Good Voice.

Samantha’s extensive professional knowledge of the mechanics of the voice, coupled with her extraordinary singing experience and expertise, sets her apart from many others involved in in this specialised field.

She has achieved outstanding results using a variety of voice therapy programs and techniques.

Read what other clients have had to say:

Sam helped cure my chronic cough and gave me back my confidence in using the breath again.  Her knowledge as an artist as well as a therapist was instrumental in achieving this wonderful result. - J. Wakefield Opera Singer Melbourne

Samantha has assisted several members of ‘Action Sam’ during live performances over the last 12 months.  She has refreshed tired vocal cords and waning singing performances.  Her tips and techniques have been the only reason I have been able to get through a physically demanding weekend of gigs.  I can highly recommend her services and advice to anyone in the music game. – Anthony Sharpe Vocalist & Entertainer ‘Action Sam Music’

Samantha has taught me so much about my voice thanks to her holistic approach to teaching and voice therapy.  She has expanded my awareness of long-standing habits that have restricted my voice in the past.  I am now equipped with new skills and techniques to help breathing, support, posture and relaxation.  Most importantly I am able to enjoy singing with ease. – Rosamund Mortimore Singer, Melbourne

Promoting vocal excellence for professional voice users

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