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Samantha U'Ren
Speech Pathologist & Vocal Coach (B. Mus. B. Sp. Path)

-Are you having trouble with your voice?

-Are you a singer, teacher or professional voice user who is struggling to get through your day due to a tired voice?

-Do you have an ongoing cough, breathing issues or strained voice after an illness or COVID?

-Are you a singer wanting to further your vocal technique?

Samantha can help you to get your voice back or get you singing again.


She is a qualified Speech Pathologist, Voice Therapist and Singing Teacher. She is also a professional singer who has sung all over the world in opera and theatre productions. 


Samantha has extensive knowledge of voice and has been helping those with voice issues for 18 years and has been a voice teacher for over 25 years. She is passionate about voice and will assist you with your vocal needs whether this be assessment, therapy, education or singing. 

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