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Voice Therapy

In Good Voice can assess your voice and provide appropriate therapy techniques and strategies to help improve your voice or prevent a voice problem developing.

Our Philosophy:

In Good Voice provides assessment, therapy, coaching and education to ensure that you are using your voice safely, effectively and efficiently.  

No matter whether you are a professional singer, teacher, presenter or are simply dissatisfied with the way your voice is working,
In Good Voice can teach you tips and strategies to help enhance your vocal performance and keep your voice healthy.


Samantha’s extensive professional knowledge of the mechanics of the voice, coupled with her extraordinary singing experience and expertise, sets her apart from many others involved in this specialised field.


She has achieved outstanding results using a variety of voice therapy programs and techniques.

*Please Note: Samantha does not currently provide speech and language assessments or therapy to paediatrics.* She does however accept referrals from ENT's for children with voice disorders

Voice Therapy techniques include:

  • Vocal Function Exercises (J. Stemple)

  • Chronic cough and Upper Airway Disorder (ILO) techniques

  • Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST)

  • Flow Phonation

  • Accent Method (Accented Breathing)

  • Resonance Voice Therapy 

  • Voice strengthening 

  • Constriction release

  • Lee Silverman LSVT for Parkinson's Disease

  • Laryngeal massage and gentle manipulation

  • Reflux treatment and education

*Please Note: Patients may need a GP referral to see an E.N.T (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) prior to voice therapy assessment with In Good Voice. This is to determine a correct diagnosis to provide appropriate therapy.

For certain clients seeking voice/speech coaching, Medicare private health fund rebates may apply.

Contact us to discuss how you may be eligible to save through private health rebates.

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