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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I book in my child for a lesson or assessment?

No. Unfortunately, at present Samantha does not provide singing lessons or speech and language assessments or therapy to paediatrics. She can see children who are experiencing voice difficulties but prefers that they have been assessed by an ENT or laryngologist first. She predominantly provides services to adults (18 years and above). 


2. How are fees determined?

Public speech pathology services are generally free, though there may sometimes be a co-payment.

Private speech pathologists can determine their own fee schedule. When determining a fee schedule, speech pathologists may base these fees on factors such as costs to run the business, their experience etc. Speech Pathology Australia does not have a recommended schedule of fees for speech pathologists.

Speech pathologists may charge different fees for a range of services including assessment, therapy (individual or group), attendance at meetings, tele-health consultations, report writing, travel, presentations, non-attendance at a session, provision of materials, additional administrative tasks etc.

3. What rebates am I able to claim?

Medicare Items for Complex and Chronic Conditions

Individuals may be eligible for rebates under the Medicare Items for Complex and Chronic Conditions. Clients have complex care needs if they need ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team consisting of their GP and at least two other health care providers, one of which may be a speech pathologist.

Residents of aged care facilities may also be eligible for this program but hospital in-patients are not eligible for the CDM program. If you are unsure as to you (or your child’s) eligibility please discuss with your GP. 

Medicare rebate

The current rebate is $58.00 (as of July 1st, 2023). Up to date information about the rebate can be found at MBS online.

Please note: the speech pathologist is able to set the level of their fee. In most cases the fee will be more than the rebate and there is generally an out-of-pocket cost for clients who are seeing a speech pathologist under this program. Speech pathologists rarely bulk bill (i.e. only charge the Medicare rebate) for services that are eligible under Medicare items such as the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Program. The client pays the full fee and then claims the rebate from Medicare. The out-of-pocket expense will count towards the Medicare safety net. See: Information regarding Medicare safety net


On payment of the fee the speech pathologist provides the client with a receipt. The receipt must include:

  • Client’s name 

  • Date of service 

  • MBS item number 

  • Speech pathologist’s name and provider number

  • Referring GP’s name and provider number

  • Date of referral 

  • Amount charged 

  • Total amount paid 

  • Any amount outstanding in relation to the service

The rebate will be paid when this receipt is presented to Medicare. If you lose track of how many speech pathology services you have claimed in a calendar year, you can contact Medicare on 132 011. 

For further information about fee rebates, please refer to this fact sheet from Speech Pathology Australia, here

4. How do I claim through my private health provider?

Rebates for speech pathology services may be available through your private health fund (PHF). You will need to determine the rebates with your health fund provider prior to commencing the service. You will also need to check with your speech pathologist that they are an eligible provider for your health fund.

You may not claim a Medicare rebate and a private health insurance rebate for the same service. You may not claim a private health insurance rebate for a session where you have also used NDIS funds. You must choose which rebate they are going to claim for a service. 

5. Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I need to cancel my appointment?

Cancellation notice is required 48 hours prior to the appointment. If notice is not given or is within 48 hours, a cancellation fee will be charged at the discretion of the service provider, at a rate of 90% of the appointment fee.

6. What are the terms & conditions associated with voice therapy sessions?

You can view the full list of terms & conditions for voice therapy sessions here.

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