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Vocal Health Education


For Professional Voice Users

Are you a singer, actor or professional voice user? 

Is vocal strain, fatigue or injury impacting your ability to perform to your maximum potential?


Are you losing your confidence or frequently worried about your voice?

Samantha has assisted a variety of professional voice users including, singers, lawyers, barristers, voice- over artists and even librarians to overcome vocal strain and fatigue, and teaches strategies and techniques to assist in gaining a stronger, more resilient and reliable voice. 

Samantha conducts both individual sessions as well as small and large group sessions to help individuals optimize projection, minimize vocal fatigue and effectively manage their voices so they can continue to perform their roles effectively. 

For teachers 

More frequently, teachers are developing voice problems due to demands placed on their voices in the classroom. If severe enough, this can lead to permanent damage and career change being required.


"In Good Voice" can attend your school or facility to provide professional development on voice care, and teach a variety of techniques to help your staff use their voices more effectively and safely. This enables your staff to avoid developing  a voice problem or recognising voice problems before they become serious, ultimately costing them and your institution time and money. 

Vocal Health Workshops include:

- Anatomy and Physiology of Voice -

- Signs and Symptoms of common Voice Disorders -

- Breath and Body work - (interactive) -

- Warm up and Cool Down exercises (interactive) -

- Functional Voice Exercises (interactive) -

- Vocal Health facts and myths -


Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Take Action before it’s too late.
A voice care seminar could save your staff their career.

Enquire Today!

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